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What happens when you give someone the chance to speak out?
We're all about starting a conversation. But, we think it's time to go beyond 'talking about it' to 'living with it'. It's a movement to look at mental health the only real way that we can, as humans: through the eyes of it's victims and it's survivors. At Psychscope, we believe that no pain is wasted because there is always a lesson learned. Here's to a movement to look at how we cope, and how we instill hope.
Tell us two things: when it comes to your mental health, how do you COPE and what do you HOPE you can tell others about it or how you (and we) can change the world?
No story is too small. No pain is too deep.
No hope is too unrealistic. 

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Cope+Hope as it happens:

"I COPE with anxiety by taking it one day at a time. I HOPE others slow down and take deep breaths when they feel overwhelmed."
-Crystal G. 
"I COPE with depression every single day with my meds. I HOPE people realize that prozac isn't the devil, and chemical imbalanaces are very real."
-Jen L. 
"I COPED by staying in a psych ward in 2012 and getting the help I needed for ten years. I HOPE you reach out and do something about it even if it seems "crazy" (because it's not). 

Share your Cope+Hope story. 



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